PDMade is a web agency providing digital expertise to designers, startups, non-profits, and marketing teams.

We design, code, test, launch, and track websites and digital marketing campaigns, usually using WordPress.
We are collaborative, creative, and detail-oriented.
We work independently or as a member of your team.
We work on projects large or small, fixed-fee or hourly.


Web design & development is a constantly changing and complex industry. However, at its core is a craft that, like cooking, requires the application of skills, experience, and a little experimentation with ingredients to create the best dishes.

Web Design & Development

Sitemaps to comps. Content to code. We'll work through a disciplined process for a site that fulfills your needs.

WordPress Expertise

For the past 10 years, I've worked almost exclusively with WordPress, typically with custom-design sites, although the occasional pre-built theme finds its way to the table.


Staying on top of recent trends allows me to recommend the latest user experience and user interface designs and separate the fads from the functional.

Server Management

Keeping your web servers and domains up-to-date and optimized requires frequent maintenance, attention, and know-how.

Online Advertising

I'll work to optimize your paid search campaigns and online listings for maximum impact.

Lead Generation

Experienced landing page design and integration for Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot will help fill your sales funnel with great leads.

Email Newsletters & Campaigns

Online email campaigns for mailing lists and lead generation are one of the best ways to stay in contact with potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Following SEO best practices and ensuring your site is fast and mobile-friendly are critical to keeping the search engines happy.


Paul is an incredible web developer who does not shy away from any challenge. He has helped me build multiple outstanding mobile-responsive websites on Wordpress using an extremely easy webpage builder. He's been a valuable asset to any project I've undertaken and I continue to refer and recommend his services to anyone looking for solid web development. I love working with him and will continue to do so!

Author avatarJen Gray

Paul was a great boss, and a real joy to work for. He provided leadership as well as mentoring and training. It was soon apparent that he was highly regarded both personally and professionally by all who worked with him.

Author avatarEve Riley

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